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Love Reservation Dogs and Rutherford Falls? Connect with some of the story warriors behind these hit shows and find out what's next for Native creatives in Hollywood.

Join us for #StoryBack, a panel discussion with Indigenous actors, showrunners, directors and writers. We are thrilled to host these story warriors Tazbah Chavez, Kimberly Guerrero, Jana Schmeiding, and Sierra Teller Ornelas in conversation about their groundbreaking projects including Reservation Dogs, Rutherford Falls, Resident Alien and more. Please join as our esteemed guests discuss the challenging history of Native American representation in Hollywood, the recent breakthrough of Native-led productions, and how reclaiming Indigenous narratives might shape the future global storytelling landscape in film, television, and visual culture. This is more than just a conversation. It's an exploration, celebration, and a call to action!

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Mission Statement

The California Center for the Native Nations (CCNN) is the bridge between the University of California and California’s Tribal Nations. It is a research center at the University of California, Riverside, that strives to and is committed to preserving the rich histories, cultures, languages and sovereignty of Tribal Nations. With a special focus on California Tribal Nations, CCNN is committed to working alongside American Indians to initiate, facilitate and execute research for, with, by, and about American Indians. CCNN connects Tribal Nations with UC expertise to execute the aforementioned. The relationship CCNN seeks to achieve with Tribal Nations is reciprocal, not only benefiting and enriching the Tribal Nations in which it connects with, but also enriching Native American and American Indian Studies within academia.